indiana jones, explosive diarrhea, and iguanas.

I kind of think its the funniest thing ever when you click on the search bar in the iPhone and your recent searches pop up. Maybe its not funny to anyone else, but seeing all of the completely random crap that I've Googled kills me every time. I figured I'd share the first few things that showed up, and maybe you'll see why.

indiana jones Honestly I can't remember why I was googling that, but I've never ever seen the movie.

do iguanas change colors Yeah. sooo I definitely thought iguanas change colors, and when my roommates told me that only chameleons do that, I was determined to prove them wrong. When I googled this, I saw the preview of the article that said "Iguanas change colors..." so I clicked it, ready to show them I'm not an idiot. I was so excited as I read "Iguanas change colors.....with sickness and old age." Oh. Cool..

diarrhea Well that's awkward. I was actually just looking this one up to see how its spelled. I was trying to send my roommate a text, telling her to tell her professor she has explosive diarrhea so she could leave class early and come to Chipotle with me.

Basically, its awesome because if anyone tried to look something up on my phone they'd think I had major diarrhea while watching Indiana Jones with my pet iguana/chameleon. Soo thats good.

PS lovely posts like this are born when its 2am and I'm really tired but can't fall asleep.
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  2. My last google search was "How to shave men".
    My boyfriend just recently started shaving without an electric razor and gave himself razor burn, so I was trying to help him figure it out haha

    We all google some strange things!

    Caitlyn | enigmaticambiance.blogspot.com

  3. haha! There's always a reasonable explanation for our google searches....though sometimes I wonder what the reasonable explanation for the google searches that result in hits on my blog are!

  4. Ha ha those searches are too funny! At least there is a reasonable explanation for them :D

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  6. definitely get a laugh over the title of this. and all. too funny.

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  7. bahaha i had to read this post just bc of how random the title was, im glad i did.

  8. Oh girl...When I saw your post title I was coming up with all sorts of conclusions lol. I first thought okay she rode on indiana jones, saw a iguanas, and instantly had explosive diarrhea haha!! Loved this post and all the random thoughts on it sounds very similar to my train of thought!

  9. HAHA. Your title definitely made me want to see what this post was about. My best friend and I have a pact that if something happens to one of us the other will delete all phone and computer history. Some of the things I search for are so silly and embarrassing!

  10. HAHA! I love looking through my old google searches. Sometimes they're just so, so random, and I don't even remember why I had them up there haha

  11. hahaha thats the best. Sometime its worst when you can't remember goggling it!

  12. I usually use google search for correcting my spellings . Shucks the technology!
    Noor's Place

  13. lol, chipotle is definitely worth some embarrassment!!

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