what i'm listening to [week 7]

Howdy! Last week/weekend went by way too fast. I can't believe it's Tuesday already! My handsome man and I are going to California Friday! Woo hooooo:) Updates on that later!
Don't forget to get your posts ready for Saturday's link up!!! It's the first Ten Favorite Things link up, and I'd love it if you all could come share your ten favorite things about this month's topic, fall. It goes live Saturday at 12 am so don't miss out!!!
Anyway, back to business!
This week's song is also from Chris Young's new album, A.M.
Can you tell he's my fave?!

We're Gonna Find it Tonight by Chris Young

And the lyrics:

This ain't no candlelight
Warm glass of wine night
it's more a whiskey water
Drink that's on the rocks kind
Let's crank the radio
Get this truck on into town
Somebody call the fire department
We're gonna burn it down
Girl, I can see it in your eyes
I know you're feeling like getting wild
Whatever gets you moving
Gets you grooving
Gets you fired up
We're gonna get it
If you really want it bad enough
Yeah, we're gonna chase it
Get all crazy
Gonna lose our minds
Whatever's gonna get you feeling right
Girl, we're gonna find it tonight
You call your girlfriends up
And I'll call some boys of mine
I know the bouncer at the bar
No we don't stand in line
I'll hit the DJ with some money
He'll play all your songs
We're gonna get it right
Even if it's all wrong
Girl, I can see you're eyes
I know you're feeling like getting wild
[Repeat Chorus]
Girl, I can see it in your eyes
Gonna have fun when we get home tonight
[Repeat Chorus]
We're gonna find it tonight
Yeah, we're gonna find it tonight
Whatever's gonna get you feeling right
Girl, we're gonna find it tonight

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  1. Hi! I just found you via the bloghop at Noor's Place :] Where are you going to be in California? I'm from CA and I'd love to give you some recommends if I'm familiar with the area :]

  2. Have a safe journey girl! And I love love love these lyrics! :)
    Stopping from Grab A Friend :)

  3. hey brianna! thanks for joining the fun friday blog hop! hope to see you back♥


  4. I'm excited for you Ten Favorite Things linkup! Fall is my favorite, so this should be a piece of cake.

    I just found your blog on twitter and I'm so glad I did. :)

  5. I have never been to Cali! Hope you have fun, always wanted to go! Also like that song :)
    Doing a giveaway today, go check it out :)

  6. You have such a cute blog! :)

    Thanks so much for being part of The Great Blog Train!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  7. I've never actually heard this song before now, but I'm LOVING it. I hope you enjoy your trip to California! :)