weekend update

Hello loves! I'm linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans! My weekend was amazing. I got to spend it with my handsome man. :)
Gosh he's so handsome!
I came home to Phoenix Thursday after class. Dj and I surprised his mom- she didn't know he was here yet! It was so cute. Then he finally got to meet my best friend. When he's in town she's always at school in California! I'm so glad they finally got to meet.
Then on Friday we went to dinner with my grandparents who also haven't met him. Poor guy, I've been dragging him around to meet all of the people that are important to me. He's such a good sport! I'm so lucky. Anyway, we went to dinner and it went really well. They loved him! Then we went bowling with some of his friends. I realized that I'm terrible at bowling. I lost by at least 40 each game..cool.
Saturday we went and got me a new phone! woooo hoooo! I got the iPhone 5c in pink. It's so cute! Best part- it was free! I got to trade in my old phone and got this one instead! I'm a little obsessed with it. Saturday night he came with me to babysit. I've been babysitting this family for like seven years and they're like family to me, so of course they had to meet him! It was awesome. Playing with him and the kids made me so excited thinking about someday when it'll be our kids we're playing with!
Sunday morning we got Krispy Kreme so obviously it was a good day. I'm pretty sure we both ate like 7 donuts! Oh well.
I head back to Tucson today (boo) and then I get to come home to his handsome face again Thursday! I can't wait already.
Sooo there's my weekend! Happy Monday lovelies have a good week! 
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