the power of trust

I believe that trust is the most important aspect of a relationship.  When you lack trust, everything they do seems suspicious. You constantly worry about where they are and who they're with. That can't be healthy, right?

I've been in a relationship in the past where I literally had zero trust for the guy. Looking back, I was so naive and such an idiot.  About four months into our relationship, we started having problems with another girl. [This was a high school relationship, and it was very immature.] Anyway, he lied to me multiple times about talking to her and seeing her. It hurt me so bad. I was always worrying about it, and every time he lied to me I found out. That's when I should've ended things. But I thought I loved him and so I stayed with him. For three and a half years. Three and a half years full of distrust and unhappiness. When I think about it I wonder how I dealt with it for so long. For three years I didn't trust the guy I was in a relationship with. My friends all tried to tell me but I didn't listen. I was dumb. Honestly, I didn't think I would be able to trust another guy, at least not for a while.

Fast forward to now. I have the most amazing man in my life. From the beginning, I realized that it would be something special. I had feelings for him  in the first few weeks that were stronger than my feelings for my ex had ever been. It blew my mind. We had only been talking for like a month and a half when New Years rolled around. He was in Amsterdam (lucky) and I was in Phoenix. If it had been my ex, I would've been freaking out all night. I would've been wondering where he is, what he's doing. Is he with another girl? But with Dj, I never had a single thought like that. I knew he was thinking about me. Even though we couldn't talk (his phone wouldn't work since he's in another country), I never doubted that I was on his mind. It's such an amazing feeling to be able to trust someone so much. Now it's been almost a year, and I have never once not trusted him. It makes me love him  that much more.

I think that there are so many important factors in a relationship. Communication and respect are essential, and I also think that being each other's best friend makes a huge difference. But if you don't have a foundation of trust, none of that other stuff matters.

Annddddd what would a good post be without a picture of me and my handsome man?! :)
Krispy Kreme anyone?! :) This was his first trip home. I totally ate more donuts than him.
Happy Sunday lovelies! 
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  1. Great post, Brianna! Trust is definitely essential, ESPECIALLY in long distance relationships!

  2. Absolutely 100% agree. I look back on my longest relationship before meeting my husband and I wonder how I could have let someone lie to me and break my trust so often, and hoe long I refused to admit he was stealing from me and doing drugs behind my back. It's just a completely different relationship altogether and it has always been so nice to know, for the last five years, that I don't have anything to worry about!

    PS I miss Krispy Kreme so much, I'm SOO jealous right now I can't even explain!

  3. I agree with trust AND Krispy Kreme. How could you go wrong?! ;)

    1. Seriously haha! Probably the two most important things in the world, right?! :)

  4. A very insightful post.

    I've had relationships like that and I ignored my friends. You don't see it when you're in it. I'm sure if you watched one of your friends go through the exact same thing, you would have told them to stop. Also, you never realized how good things can be until you see how good things can be.

    I'm glad you're happy but don't ever kick yourself for that mistake. If it wasn't for us going through the bad, we can't appreciate the good.

  5. I definitely just had this conversation with my boyfriend of almost two years.
    All about how I was glad that I could be confident in my trust with him.

    Other guys I have dated weren't like him and that's just not right.
    I'm sorry you had to deal with a relationship full of distrust for so long.
    We all go through those relationships where in the end, we realize we were completely stupid to be in them in the first place.

    I'm glad you found a good guy!

    Caitlyn | enigmaticambiance.blogspot.com

  6. Hi Brianna, came across your blog from the Sunday Blog Hop at Polka Dot Heart.

    Glad to hear that you're in a more healthy relationship now than when you were with that guy in high school. We all do silly things to learn the hard way don't we? But I guess it makes us more appreciative of the good things that come our way.

    your new follower,
    Toni @ One Chocolate Box

  7. I agree, Brianna. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. And I'm glad you found someone who you could trust and love sooo much. :)


  8. This thing can't be wrong . A good relationship just need trust and I am glad you two are together with the relation of love and trust . Go on :)

  9. Hi Brianna! I came across your blog a while ago and I'm so happy to meet another AZ blogger! I met you the other week at The Yard and it was just such a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully we can reconnect in the future! Like, through GroupMe or something. Do you GroupMe? Snapchat? Don't worry girl, I'll hit you up on FB.......(stalking you)