say bye-bye to dairy!

My sophomore year of high school (about four years ago), I had a lot of stomach problems. I was in really bad pain pretty much every day, so I got some tests done. Over spring break, I was in California visiting a family friend and as I was on my way to an ice cream shop, I got a call saying that I'm lactose intolerant. Awesome. Everything I eat is dairy! I couldn't give it up, so I didn't. Last year, before my trip to Europe, I went completely dairy-free for a little over a month. I've officially decided, like right now, that I want to do that again! I'll keep you updated on my progress!

So if anyone has some yummy recipes that don't have any dairy, please share!

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  1. How's the no dairy going??...(stalking you) (I know what you ate for dessert tonight)