Happy Monday everyone! Today was the first day of class! Woo hoo :) Tomorrow on campus we have an 'involvement fair' where all of the clubs have tables on the mall (our big huge grassy area in the middle of campus).
I guess Tucson can be pretty sometimes :)

Anyway, I started a club last year called the Kindness Club. I know, it sounds kind of lame, but it's actually pretty powerful. We work with an organization called The Ben's Bells Project. This organization is huge in Tucson. Everyone knows about it. 
Here's the run down: This woman lost a son at a very young age. His name was Ben. Throughout her grieving, she realized what a difference a small, random act of kindness could make. So she started this organization. You can go help at their studio where they paint bells and kindness coins and stuff and they circulate throughout the community. You can read about them on the website. Please read the story and about everything they do. It's really powerful :)
Here are some of the bells from the studio. There's also coins that you hand someone who does a random act of kindness. Then they pass it on, and so forth.

This is one of the many benches around Tucson. They also have murals around the city and at local schools. It's pretty awesome :)
The power of kindness is something that's really important to me. [I'll probably do a more extensive post on this later.] I think its amazing that the simplest act of kindness can change someone's day- or even their life. 
Taking an extra two seconds to hold the store, flashing a friendly smile, appreciating things that others do for you- it's all so easy- and so powerful!
So tomorrow we're advertising the club at the involvement fair and I'm so excited to recruit new members!
Yay for signs! 

I hope everyone enjoys their week and being back to school! :)

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