five on friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a little something from The Good Life called Five on Friday!

one this time next week I'll be done with my first week of my sophomore year of college! that's insane. It feels like just yesterday I was graduating high school!

I can't believe that was almost two years ago!

two I'm really obsessing over Luke Bryan's new CD still. It's basically been on repeat since I got it, and I'm notcomplaining about that!

three Trucks. Right now my handsome man owns a really nice Mustang and I must say, its pretty sexy. He's selling it though, and getting a truck instead. Am I the only one that thinks there's nothing sexier than a guy in a "big black jacked up truck"? (Hehe, Luke Bryan quote-sorry!) So anyway, when he comes home we're going truck shopping and I can't wait. It's cute because he's so excited about it. Today he said, "It's the truck that we're going to have forever! Our kids will sit in the back seat of that truck!" I love him.

four I went to the Tucson Mall today and we visited the Victoria's Secret! Where has that store been all my life! I'm a little obsessed with anything VS, and this is by far the biggest and best Victoria's Secret I've ever been in! They literally have everything! I hate going to one store and they don't have what the others do. This one is for sure my go-to VS from now on. I'm in love!

Speaking of love....
five [saving the most important for last!] The wait is almost over. I know I keep complaining about not knowing when Dj will be home. It's so frustrating not having a date! But there's nothing we can do. I woke up today missing him SO much. I was really upset. But then I think that within three weeks, I'll be in his arms again! That's nothing. I guess it's just hard to feel like its so close when there's no specific date to look forward to. But the point of this is that I get to see him so soon!
Gosh, he's so handsome!

Well, there you have it! Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend! :)

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  1. Hi Brianna! I found your blog from a military SO listing!! :) I'm so happy to have found yours. What branch is your boyfriend/fiancé/husband in? My fiancé is in the Air Force! :) I'm your newest follower now, and I'd love if you would follow me back! :)

    Janelle @ Wild Blue Yonder

    1. Hi Janelle! I'm so glad you found my blog, welcome! Mine's in the Air Force as well :)