first week of school!

My first week of school is finally over! Thank goodness. I only have class on Tuesday and Thursday, which is seriously so nice!
 This is what I saw while I was sitting in my Spanish class early Tuesday morning. Can you tell I really love pink?!
When I got into class at about 7:45 am Tuesday morning, I was the first one there. Kids started coming in (the class started at 8) and we were all just chit-chatting until the professor showed up. The guy sitting next to me was a little older which isn't too uncommon in a big university. He was asking if this was Spanish 330 (yes) and if we thought the class would be difficult (hopefully not). Anyway, so were all sitting here talking about the class and how much we hate speaking Spanish, and the guy next to me stands up and says, "Hola clase! Soy su profesor. Bienvenido al español 330.." Hi class, I'm your professor welcome to Spanish 330.  Cool. He tricked us and I ended up telling my professor how much I hate speaking Spanish. Solid way to start off the semester! Haha. He ended up being pretty cool though and the class seems easy. Which is good :)

I live in an apartment about a mile and a half from campus. They have a shuttle that goes to and from campus and the university because parking at school is crazy expensive. So Monday I had to go on campus to turn in some paperwork and I was waiting for the shuttle after. 2:00...no shuttle. 2:30...still no shuttle. 3:00 where the hell is the shuttle?! I met up with my roommates and we called the apartment to find out that it had broken down. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. Luckily, my uncle was in town so he gave us a ride home! There's no way we could've walked in the 120 degree weather!
I got home and I was so exhausted so I had a yummy iced coffee in a mason jar :) Mmm!

Tuesday, the Kindness Club had a table on the mall (our big grassy area) and I had to sit outside for like two hours. It was SO hot. And I got a sweet farmer's tan. On one arm. Cool.

Can you tell its been a good week?!

Tuesday afternoon the shuttle didn't come AGAIN. It was about an hour late. Double awesome.

On top of allll of that, my handsome man still hasn't gotten his orders. Hopefully he'll get them Tuesday and he'll be home in a couple of weeks. It's so frustrating because they've been saying "Oh you'll get them Wednesday" and on Wednesday..."Oh tomorrow for sure" Now it's Friday and no orders. It's so hard to stay positive and realize he's coming home so soon when there's no date and no certainty. 

Sorry that this is such a negative post, it's been a crazy hellish week. On the bright side, Pretty Little Liars was SO INTENSE. That was the highlight of my week for sure.

Isn't he cute?! I make him watch so many girly shows with me...poor guy! He's such a trooper

Anyway, I'm just trying to take things day by day and each night I go to bed thankful for what I have and thankful that I'm one day closer to being in my handsome man's arms. 

I hope everyone's week went well! Enjoy the weekend :)
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