CPR certified!

That's right! I'm officially CPR and First Aid certified! I just sat through a three hour class (yay) which could potentially help me save a life someday!

 I was definitely dreading it, just because I knew I'd probably be bored, but it wasn't too bad! The guy that taught the class is a firefighter, so he had some pretty exciting stories! 
So the first half of the class we watched some videos and learned all about first aid. We learned how to stop bleeding, what to do in case of a heart attack,stroke, and seizure victim, and how to treat burns. Then we got to use these awesome dummies
It was fun! We got to practice compressions and abdomen thrusts (for choking)
30 compressions, 2 breaths
Five times
We also practiced 100 straight compressions with no breathing (which you use on adults only)
My arms will be sore tomorrow.

I definitely recommend everyone takes a class. Whether you need to get certified or not, it's definitely something good to have. You never know when someone else's life could end up in your hands, and its always best to be prepared. You can find classes here.

PS still no orders today, maybe tomorrow will be the day! Keep your fingers crossed :)

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  1. Umm I'm so happy I found another girl from Arizona! Stopping by from the link-up :)

  2. Does it really only take 3 hours for this? Any thoughts on getting a good place to get first time CPR certification in Torrance Ca?

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