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My name is Brianna and I am nineteen years young.  I am an undergrad student at The University of Arizona in the oh-not quite-so beautiful Tucson.  After changing my major about a million times, I'm sticking with Psychology! I love it. I'm truly fascinated in the way that our minds work.  I go back to school in five days, and I'm so not ready for the summer to be over (probably because I spent the last two months traveling around Europe with my boyfriend-more on that later!)

I'm living in an apartment this year, and I've spent all of my free time this summer crafting for it.

Right now I'm obsessed with painting and distressing these mason jars! It's so fun and I think they're the cutest! I've made way too many for my own good, haha! Check out my shop, EndlesslyBeLoved, on Etsy if you're interested in buying some! I also have a few other crafty things on there! I've been going craft crazy these past two weeks! It helps keep me busy and keeps my mind off of missing my love.

My boyfriend's name is Dj and he is in the Air Force.  We met when we were little kids! Our moms have been friends since...well forever! We played together when we were little- he always gives me a hard time because I never used to let him play with my little red cash register! I guess I was a little brat :) If I had known that I'd fall in love with him someday, I probably would've let him play with it! Maybe :) 
We reconnected almost a year ago, and the rest is history! He is stationed in Germany right now. Which is good and bad. It's hard being away from him, but I did get to go visit him this summer! I spent two months with him (the most amazing months of my life) seeing all kinds of amazing places in Europe! We went to Belgium, Amsterdam, Europa Park, Neuschwanstein, and a bunch of other cool places! He comes home in about a month (yay) and I'm counting down the days! 

That's us in Belgium! Isn't he handsome?! :)

I love anything pink and anything sparkly.  I'm addicted to Pinterest- I think I have my whole wedding planned haha! I love baking...chocolate chip cookies are my specialty! I have a secret recipe that I'll share with you later! I'm obsessed with country music. And Luke Bryan! Dj got my best friend Kaitlyn and I tickets to go see him two weeks ago. Not to mention they were pit tickets! We were right up against the stage. Not only did I get to touch Luke's hand, but I threw my phone on the stage, he grabbed it, and TOOK A PICTURE WITH ME! I almost died.

I still don't believe it! I tried to smile for the picture, but I couldn't stop screaming! That's Kaitlyn in the back with the hat (she tried to get as much of her face in there as possible!)

I'm so excited to finish school, move in with my handsome man, and start the rest of my forever! And I'm so excited to share my adventures with you!

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