Fun facts about the number 81: 
It is the atomic number of the element thallium.
It the the symbol for Hell's Angels motorcycle club.
It is the country code for direct dials to Japan.
I own 81 bottles of nail polish.

Yup, 81. I think it's safe to say that I'm a little obsessed.

I wanted to sort through my nail polish collection today, and that's when I realized my number had gotten so large.  I really love painting my nails- obviously. Every time I walk past an Essie display at Target, I can't help but stop. Talk about a wake up call though- 81 bottles?! I think next time I go to the store I might have a little more self control. Or at least I'll try :)

I like Essie the most. The colors are fresh and it paints on easily.
My second favorite is OPI because it has such a variety.
Of course, those are the most expensive brands, and at $9 a bottle, I couldn't build by 81 bottle collection on those brands alone.
I also really like Sally Hansen. Those colors go on really nicely too. They're much cheaper and there's also a great variety. I recommend that brand if you want a good nail polish with a reasonable price. 

Check out this blog for some great nail polish tips! 

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  1. This is insane!! I thought my best friend had a lot but you take the medal! She's got this big rubbermaid container with drawers and other fun manicure stuff. Wow. I'm so not cool!


  2. THATS A FREAKING LOT OF NAILPOLISH i have like 20 lol