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Okay so if you remember, I used to link up every month with Stephanie and Mal for the Boy's Behind the Blog link up. Any excuse to talk about my man, right? Well, they don't do it anymore, and that makes me sad. So when I saw Samantha's post about her new linkup, I knew that I had to do it. It's basically the same deal- DJ will answer five questions for you guys. He gets so excited for me about the blogging stuff, and he knows that I've missed blogging a lot so of course he's excited to participate! ;)

PS I get to see him in just about nine weeks and I'm so incredibly excited! I cant wait to start my forever with this handsome guy.

Becoming Adorrable

If you had a blog what would you call it and what would it be about?
It would be about all of the stuff I have to deal with in the military and all of the stuff we have to do at the MAF. I would call it "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" haha

Can you tell he's really excited to be done? hehe

If you could live inside any video game, which would it be?
I would live in the game Ninja Gaiden because it would be sweet to be a ninja!

Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season?
The best player on my team is either Jay Cutler or Jordy Nelson

If you could play for any professional sports team, which would it be?
I would love to play on any pro football team.

What do you typically do with an hour of free time?
Right now with an hour of my free time I'm trying to finish the last season of Breaking Bad!

And there you have it people, my ninja boyfriend.
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I'm back! & fall favorites

Well hello loves, long time no talk huh? It's been over a month since I've blogged, but let's skip all of the excuses here and just get to the good stuff, shall we? Everything is good around here, and there hasn't been a reason for my absence other than the fact that I was just too burnt out on blogging. But I'm still here, and I don't plan on staying away forever. Today was really the first day I've been motivated to come back and get things started on the blog again, so let's hope I keep it up ;) I wanted to give you a quick update on things happening, but since that's the only thing I've been doing around here since the beginning of the summer, I figured I would throw in some fall favorites too.

So you may already know, but this is my last semester of school. I'm graduating in December and I honestly could not be more excited. This last semester is the best so far, as far as classes go. I'm in four psychology classes, one business class, and one final gen ed, so they're all really interesting to me. I only have classes two days a week which is nice, and I've been working and interviewing for a research position as well. In less than 70 days, DJ will be coming home to spend a the month with friends and family before we head back to Montana together. This is the longest we've been apart in a long time, but I'm glad its going by fast. It still hasn't hit me that in a little over two months we will no longer be a long-distance couple. I don't think it will hit me until we head to the airport and I don't have to say goodbye. I'm honestly so excited! We've been waiting for this and dreaming about it for two years now, and it's finally here! We're both so excited and so ready for this next adventure together!

Okay so obviously nothing that exciting has happened, so let's get on with it.

We're quickly approaching what is, in my opinion, the best time of the year. Pumpkins, cooler weather, spicy drinks, and all of the best holidays that we get to celebrate in the next few months. October-December is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year, so I thought I would share some of my favorites right now.

One of the best parts about fall for me is that I can wear dark nail polish again. If you're new around here, let me just tell you, I'm obsessed with nail polish. I have 90+ colors and it's definitely a problem. But anyway, I have favorite fall colors to share with you.
The Essie shade is called Striking the Issue, and it's this beautiful deep red color. It's perfect for fall and especially around Christmastime.

I have two really deep purples from OPI that I can't stop wearing. Black Cherry Chutney has a slight shimmer to it, and Lincoln Park After Dark doesn't, but other than that they're basically the same color. I've also been seeing one at Target that I love but I haven't bought it yet. It's called In the cable car pool lane, and its a beautiful purple. I've in a love affair with deep purples right now. Obsessed.

I have three shades from Sinful Colors that I really love for fall right now too. Rain storm is a lighter shade than I usually like for this time of year, but its a pretty blue-gray. I also have black on black because I love me a simple black nail color. And then I also have last chance which is a deep forest green and it looks so good (I have it on right now).

Okay so other than nail polish, I've also developed a slight obsession with candles. I've had one burning 24/7 for about a month now. What says "fall" better than the smell of pumpkin candles, right? Bath and Body Works 2 for 22 sale? Why can't that be a year-round thing?
The first candle I got was the one on the far left, and it's from Target. It has three scents: pumpkin spice, caramel pumpkin, and cinnamon sticks. I'm right in the middle now and the caramel pumpkin smells so yummy. Then I went to a small candle shop in town that makes candles in the store. There was so much to choose from but I obviously migrated toward the fall candles. The one I got (on the far right) was a cinnamon plum candle and I also got that cute little plate to set it on. It smells amazing. Then I of course went to Bath and Body and had to limit myself to only two candles. Which was really hard because they all smell so amazing. But I ended up going with vanilla chai and sweet cinnamon pumpkin. These candles smell the best but they also burn through really quickly.

The last thing I wanted to share were my favorite fall lip colors. I never really shared anything about beauty on the blog before, but I think that might be something I start to incorporate. I am by no means trying to become a beauty blogger, but I might share some of my favorites here and there.
I love dark lipstick. Seriously, love. I'm also really pale right now, so it makes me look super vampy, which I love. Not all women like the dark lip look, but I could wear it every day. These are my faves right now.
The far left shade is a Rimmel Lipstick by Kate color called Rossetto. Its a deep red and its absolutely beautiful. It also goes on really well and lasts forever on me.

The second color is Maybelline Party Pink. I just got this yesterday, but I love it. It's a darker pink, but its also not so dark. I love it because its much less intense than some of the others here, so I can wear it more casually.

The third shade I've had for awhile, and it's L'Oreal Raisin Rapture. This one's super dark and its a plum color, and it's so pretty.

The last color I'm really loving is another Maybelline shade. It's called Blissful Berry and it's pretty similar to the L'Oreal shade. It's a little more pink than the L'Oreal, but you can barely tell a difference on me.

Alrighty, so those are my favorites as of now. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather here in AZ so it can actually start to feel like fall. I'm sorry I've been so MIA but I hope to be back much more often. Let me know if there's anything that you would like me to write about or if you have any favorites of your own, please let me know in the comments! Love you guys!! XOXO
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