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positively positive

Why do I always get randomly inspired late at night when I really need to be sleeping? Not good when I have to be in class in the morning. I also told myself I need to wake up early tomorrow and run before class. We'll see if that actually happens.

I wanted to talk about something that's been very important in my life lately. Positivity.
Staying positive is something that I struggle with sometimes. I mean generally, I'm a positive and happy person. But being in a long distance relationship, sometimes its hard to be positive. Not that I doubt my relationship- I completely 2000% know that being in a long distance relationship will be worth it once I'm with Handsome forever. But sometimes its so hard to embrace suck and see past these tough times without sulking.

Sometimes I let the negative thoughts flood my head. 
Why does he have to be so far away?
Why can't I just leave school and be with him?
How am I supposed to get through these next few months without him?
I feel sorry for myself, and I wish that Handsome and I were together.

I think about the amazing times we share and while it fills my heart with complete and utter happiness, it makes me sad because I want it every single day. Some days, I focus on the fact that I'll get to see him again in [47] days. But other times, I miss him so much and it hurts so bad. I want him here with me while I'm doing everything, and I want to be there with him for everything too. All I can focus on is the fact that he is there and I am here. 

I'm officially done with that, though. I'm focusing on the good. How can I be sad when I get to share my life with the most amazing man I've ever met? Sure, we're apart now, but soon I'll be spending my forever with him. Why dwell on the fact that I'm not with him when I should be counting my blessings and appreciating my fairy tale relationship- one better than I always have dreamed of? How can I resent the fact that were apart when it has been an essential part of making our relationship so strong? Although it can be rough at times, and I miss him more than anything in the world, being in a long distance relationship has made us so incredibly strong. We don't take the small things for granted. We appreciate each other, and our time together, so much more. Of course the goodbyes are so unbelievably hard (we end up sitting in the airport crying for like 45 minutes each time), the hellos are always that much sweeter.

So, for the past few days, I've been focusing on the good, and I feel great. Partly because I'm proud of myself for not drowning in my own sadness, and mostly because thinking positively = being happy.

When I feel down, the one thing that makes me feel better is talking about it. When I'm sad, I tell him, and he makes me feel a million times better. Sometimes all it takes is for him to tell me everything is going to be okay, and sometimes I need more than that. But either way, when I express how I feel, its a million times easier to get through it. 

People always say you shouldn't keep things that are bothering you bottled up. Handsome and I are very fortunate, for our relationship has been so easy and fun. We understand each other and appreciate each other. But if there's ever something that bothers me, I always tell him. Right away. I was afraid at first- I didn't want to burden him with my problems and insecurities. But when I have something weighing on my heart, and I tell him, it literally feels like that weight has been lifted. I don't know how to explain that overwhelming feeling of comfort I get when I talk to him, but it amazes me. He amazes me.

So here's to being positive and finding that special someone that can make you feel better with even just a smile!

Who is that someone for you?
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handsome's care package

Handsome got his house in Montana today! He's been staying in a hotel for over a week now (almost 2) and I'm so glad he has his house and doesn't have to spend a bunch of money for lodging and stuff anymore.
So, as a little 'congrats on the new place' present, I'm sending him a package! I wanted to share what I'm sending (He doesn't have wifi yet so I'm planning on him not seeing this...) It's nothing big or special at all, but it's just a little something so he knows I'm thinking about him! :)
First, I got him a long sleeve shirt from Sears, because I know as soon as it gets cold there he's going to be miserable. He definitely doesn't have enough long sleeve shirts!
And then I got a tiny journal from Target. 

I split it into four categories: 
Why I fell in love with you
you were sweet, you had an amazing sense of humor, you had so many incredible stories

Reasons I love you now
you treat me like a princess, you make me happy when I'm sad, you support me no matter what

Some of my favorite memories

What I look forward to most
marrying you, starting a family with you, waking up to you every day

So I just filled each section with little things that fit into each category! The little notebook really needed more pages. I could've written forever :)

Then, of course, something for his sweet tooth!

So there it is! Simple, but meaningful. I love sending him packages and its SO much easier now that he's back from Germany! I get to visit him in 51 days! I can't wait :)

Oh, also, I mentioned in this post that I'm a bad driver. Well, turns out I'm even worse at parking than I am at driving...cool.
I suck. 
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how my life is basically a country music song

I'm a little obsessed with country music. It's all I listen to. I don't know any songs by lil kanye or 3 chains or whatever, but I know every lyric to every Luke Bryan song...so that's good.
That being said, let's welcome this beauty back to the blog for like the third time..
Yes, that's Luke Bryan. Yes, he's holding my phone. Yes, we took a selfie.

Anyway, do you ever listen to a song and think, "that's totally my life?" I do. All the time.
So I present to you...proof my life is basically a song written by the country music gods.
"I know I'm all over the road, I can't help but go little bit of left, little bit of right." Easton Corbin: All Over the Road. I'm also a terrible driver Easton, it's okay.
"Somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75" Joe Nichols: Sunny and 75. That's my life, all year round, because it doesn't get much cooler than that in Arizona.
"We could go get lost. Lost down some old backroad, lost in the song on the radio" Chris Young: Lost. Not only am I a terrible driver, I also am terrible with directions. I always leave about 15 minutes earlier than necessary because there's a 99% good chance I'll get lost on the way.
"Three dollars shy of a five dollar bill....two bucks to my name." Chris Young: Beer or Gasoline. I'm broke.
"Thank God for all I missed because it lead me here to this." Darius Rucker: This. I explain this one in this post.
"Somewhere in my car..." Keith Urban: Somewhere in my Car. Because I lose everything and I always end up finding it somewhere in my car.
"We're gonna find it tonight.." Chris Young: We're Gonna Find It Tonight. See above.
"But where I come from, rain is a good thing." Luke Bryan: Rain is a Good Thing. ...Where I come from is the desert.
And to end this one serious note...
"We've come so far since that day, and I thought I loved you then" Brad Paisley: Then. You can read mine and handsome's love story here.
Are there any songs that pertain to your life?
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life lately

Because I'm not creative enough to come up with an amazing or inspirational post, I thought I would just catch you up on my life right now.

The weather. Its still kind of hot outside-it was 88 today- but its pretty cold in the mornings and most days its been nice. I can't wait for winter! Bring it on :)

My Cara Box. I'll do a reveal post later, by I got my Cara Box package from Jenny yesterday and I'm absolutely in love with everything she put in it! :)

Love and War Clothing. They make tons of cute military apparel for spouses and loved ones. I have one tank top from there, but I've been shopping around for more! You should definitely check it out.

Okay, so I need some opinions from you lovely ladies! :)

I did a post earlier on organization, and I shared some printables that I made with you. But I really want a new planner or journal to organize my bloggy business. I want something that's cute, but efficient. 
Do you use a planner? Do you know of any good ones/where I can get them?

Also, I want to bake Handsome something because he's just moving into his new house in Montana and I want to send him a package. I need a good pumpkin recipe. I want to make pumpkin muffins, or anything else that can be in the mail for a day or two and still be good!

I have a few updates with the blog.

I'm now accepting sponsorships through Adproval. I have three options for decent prices. I promise that I will put tons and tons of effort into your sponsorship! :) 

Also, I'm going to start selling some designs. No complete blog designs- I'm not that good. But I've been playing around and learning a lot and I can totally do custom buttons, headers, about me's, social media icons, and all that good stuff! So if you're interested, and want help for a reasonable price, email me! :)
I also hit my 200th follower on Bloglovin today! I have 98 followers two weeks ago, so I'm pretty excited!
What've you been up to lately?
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indiana jones, explosive diarrhea, and iguanas.

I kind of think its the funniest thing ever when you click on the search bar in the iPhone and your recent searches pop up. Maybe its not funny to anyone else, but seeing all of the completely random crap that I've Googled kills me every time. I figured I'd share the first few things that showed up, and maybe you'll see why.

indiana jones Honestly I can't remember why I was googling that, but I've never ever seen the movie.

do iguanas change colors Yeah. sooo I definitely thought iguanas change colors, and when my roommates told me that only chameleons do that, I was determined to prove them wrong. When I googled this, I saw the preview of the article that said "Iguanas change colors..." so I clicked it, ready to show them I'm not an idiot. I was so excited as I read "Iguanas change colors.....with sickness and old age." Oh. Cool..

diarrhea Well that's awkward. I was actually just looking this one up to see how its spelled. I was trying to send my roommate a text, telling her to tell her professor she has explosive diarrhea so she could leave class early and come to Chipotle with me.

Basically, its awesome because if anyone tried to look something up on my phone they'd think I had major diarrhea while watching Indiana Jones with my pet iguana/chameleon. Soo thats good.

PS lovely posts like this are born when its 2am and I'm really tired but can't fall asleep.
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the first of many

Today I stumbled upon the messages on Facebook that changed my life forever. I've told you all about my  relationship with handsome, but if you're just tuning in, here's how we met in a nutshell.  We were friends when we were little, and then many years later we reconnected through Facebook. 
Anyway, I sent him a friend request (hoping we would talk, but not really expecting anything of it). Heres's what I got, and since this first message, we've talked every day!
The first of many messages exchanged.

It's crazy looking back on the way we used to talk, and how much comfortable our conversations are now. I used to say "haha" at least once every message. I'm annoying.

Since then, there have been many firsts in our relationship, and its been such an exciting time for us.

I remember the first time he told me he wanted to kiss me. His text said, "Just so you know, I'm probably going to kiss you when I come home" Or something along those lines. I definitely did a happy dance around my room for like an hour.

We shared our first kiss at the airport. The first of many many kisses. My last first kiss. 

We had our first In-N-Out Burger date the next day, which if you know me, is a big deal because I'm a little bit majorly obsessed with it.

We began talking in November and he came home in January. We spent the month together and then he headed back to Germany. When he left, we both knew that we were in love, but we hadn't said it yet. We'd both made our feelings pretty clear by dropping some subtle pretty obvious hints.  We wanted to wait until May, when I was going to visit him, to actually say it though. We both wanted it to be in person, not over the phone for the first time. 
But damn that was hard.

One day (March 11) we were Skyping. His internet really sucked, so there were a lot of times that I could hear what he was saying. He said something but as usual I couldn't hear him so I just ignored it. When we hung up, I got a text that said, "Babe did I tell you I love you?!" Except he used emojis instead of the words because we hadn't said that yet. I was confused. Apparently, when we were Skyping it accidentally slipped out and he was so embarrassed. I was excited, and so later that night when we were Skyping again, he said it for real.  I remember hearing those words leave his mouth for the first time and the way it made me feel. It was amazing. I still get butterflies when I hear him tell me he loves me!
First message, first kiss, first Double Double, and our first "I love you." I also got to experience my first trip to Europe (our first trip together), and my first time being truly in love. It's amazing looking back and seeing how much we've grown as a couple and how strong our relationship is now! Life works in mysterious ways, and everything happens for a reason. I never imagined that one conversation via Facebook would lead to the first of so many amazing moments that I would share with the man of my dreams. The man I'm going to marry. 

Do you remember the first time you told someone 'I love you?' Or your first kiss?
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handsome takes over

It's time for The Boys Behind the Blog again with Mallory and Stephanie! The best part about this month- I'm actually with handsome when he answers these ones! I could get used to that :)

Boys Behind The Blog
Describe yourself in 5 words. That's a tough one. Let's come back to it.
Obviously we never came back to it..oops!
What is your biggest fear? Spiders. No doubt.... those creepy bastards. 
This is not good because that means I have to kill them.
What is your favorite candy? Reeses. I could eat those bad boys all day! Yum.
What was the best Halloween costume you've ever worn? I never dressed up much for Halloween. But I dressed up as the guy from Scream for like 3 years in a row and I thought I was such a badass. I had a little plastic knife and everything!
Whoa that's SO badass..
Who is your favorite football team? New England Patriots! And the ASU Sun Devils of course.

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thank god for all i missed because it led me here to this

My homeboy D-Ruck couldn't have said it any better. If you haven't heard the song This by Darius Rucker (aka the guy from Hootie and the Blowfish) you should listen! This song is really meaningful to me- it describes exactly how I feel. Here's just a little snippet of the song. (Did I just say snippet?)

For every stoplight I didn't make 
Every chance I did or I didn't take 
All the nights I went too far 
All the girls that broke my heart 
All the doors that I had to close 
All the things I knew but I didn't know 
Thank God for all I missed 
Cause it led me here to 

There have been so many events in my life that I've been upset or disappointed about. So many things that haven't turned out the way I expected or wanted. I think a lot of people would call them regrets. But I hate to think of it that way. As I look back at all of the things that I once thought were terrible, things I cried over, got mad over, and felt like a failure for, I now realize that they all have happened to get me to the point I am at today. I believe everything happens for a reason.

When I was in high school, everything came so easy to me. I never studied for tests, I rarely had trouble with homework, I passed all of my classes, which were honors, with an A, and I was top 1% of my class.  So naturally, I thought college would be easy too. I had dreams of going to Washington University in St. Louis, which is an amazing school. One of the best in the country. It's rigorous academically, and very hard to get into. I was sure that was it for me- it was either Wash U or U of A (which I did not want to attend). I decided not to apply early decision because then I would be in contract and I would have to attend there- which scared me. So I applied by the normal deadline, and after a few months of nerve racking email checks, I found out I was wait-listed. Then I found out they didn't have room to take people from the wait list that year. Needless to say, I was devastated. I really did not want to go to U of A, but now I had no choice.
Looking back, I'm so glad I did not go to school in St. Louis. I wouldn't have the amazing friends I have now, I would've been drowning in school work, and I probably wouldn't be with Handsome, because we wouldn't have had the opportunities to hang out when he comes home.
Freshman year wouldn't have been the same without these lovely ladies. :)

Also in high school, I was in an awful relationship...for three and a half years. I didn't trust the guy, we fought constantly, and he treated me like shit. He was controlling and I never went out with friends or got to hang out with other people. Why did I stay with him? No clue. I was young and stupid. Sometimes I think about it and I get mad that I let him take away my high school years. But then again, if I hadn't been in that relationship, I wouldn't have gained the self respect I have now. I would probably still have low standards. I might not have the amazing man in my life that I have now. And we wouldn't have been able to take sexy pictures like this..

I could go on and on. But thinking of all of the hardships that led to something great makes it so much easier to get through all of my struggles right now. I considered leaving the U of A and finishing my degree online at ASU so I could go live with Handsome. However, I'm a semester too late because my scholarship won't transfer. So I'm taking that as a sign that it's meant to be for me to finish school here in Tucson and then move to Montana. I keep changing my major, and its pretty stressful- mostly because it's too late to change it to early childhood education, which is really what I want to do. But I found out that I can have my degree in whatever and then get my masters through ASU online while I live with Handsome- so now I know that all of the frustration over finding the right major has led me to the right place.

So, if you're going through a tough time, just remember- everything happens for a reason. You'll end up where you're supposed to be. 
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Happy Monday everyone! Today is my Sunday, so it's a pretty good day for me! Handsome is almost to Montana. He stayed the night in Utah after visiting the Grand Canyon yesterday on his way. I'm so jealous I wish I was going with him! 

Anyway, back to business!

First of all, please check out the giveaway in the post under this one! It's a great cause and the prizes are great too!

I have a quiz to study for and a bunch of homework to do, so naturally I'm watching One Tree Hill and getting some bloggy business done! I really want to start getting organized with my blog. I have a binder and I made some printables so I can put it all together and make a bloggy binder! 

Here are the printables I made

I wanted to share them with you and see if anyone has any other ideas or wants to share how they keep stuff organized for their blog! So let me know what you think! :)

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